Improving Your Communication Skills

I went to Ohio and delivered my talk on the ARC triangle at a community-organized regional computer conference. I had 22 people in my room. 3 came up to me afterwards and thanked me for the remarkably engaging talk. I really enjoyed it. I’d love to do more.



Surprising (but welcome) clarity of understanding

I am amazed at the clarity of my understanding today of the content of the Study Technology lectures by L. Ron Hubbard compared to how muddled I felt when I first studied them in 1997. I had found the vocabulary (the lectures were given in England in 1964 by a highly erudite man) quite challenging.  Some terms I just plain couldn’t find definitions for, which left me confused.

By the way, Study Technology is all about how to study (and teach) effectively and it’s very workable! On more than one occasion, I’ve had IT staff come up to me after a training and say “this is the best training I’ve ever had”. I attribute this to my application of L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology, what I could glean from my study in 1997.

The Church of Scientology recently completed a massive program to recover and verify its scriptures to keep Scientology workable as its success depends on it working. With regad to the Study course, this included upgrading the lectures from audio tape to CD and correcting the transcripts. Moreover, the Church compiled an illustrated dictionary of specialized, slang and dated terms, thus shaving days off the time needed to get through the course with full conceptual understanding.

For example, the transcript used to mention something like “this will wind you up in a brass mystery”.  I couldn’t find the definition of brass.  Turns out it’s a Brass mystery!  Apparently John Brass was a fictional detective who had to deal with some really snarled up cases.

Another contributing factor:  I recently completed the Purification Rundown and had objective processing (directing my attention outward to extrovert me) both of which increase my intelligence.

The difference is night and day.  I’m sure my training will improve accordingly.

You can’t study it if you already know all about it…

I had a fantastic day on course — finished the lecture “Studying: Introduction” (it was a hard tough slug as I had to look up lots of words) and then EASILY passed the electropsychometer check for misunderstood words at the end.

I realized I had resisted studying “The Basics” as I thought I *already knew* the basics of Scientology — “knew it all already” you see — but I realized this attitude was blocking my  study.  I’m now WILLING TO LEARN EVERYTHING I CAN from LRH.  The gate to my Bridge just opened and the light is shining through.

Inbox Zero

I got my email inbox at work to zero by confronting and handling every single task, easy or hard, one after another.  You have to understand, I haven’t seen the bottom of my inbox in decades.  I’m definitely operating at a high new level since getting 60 hours of Dianetics counseling.
I also find it’s easier to stay calm under pressure.

Unexpected spiritual growth while on the Purification Program

I am doing the Purification Program and I had this insight:

Beings are different (separate) from their emotional/spiritual baggage.  Even though that baggage can influence them, the beings are still basically good, with their own love and bright energy. They are just trapped (stuck) in some issues, unknowingly.

I don’t feel mad any more at people who’ve hurt me. Now I love them and want to help them free themselves of their baggage and become happier.

My affinity for others is high beyond words, my heart is overflowing with love.

I did not expect this win on my Purification Program!!!  I expected to feel cleaner or have more energy.  Something individual, personal.  Instead I have this re-connection to mankind.  Wow!

I feel I’m growing as a being.

Is Science catching up to Scientology?

At a recent conference lunch, there was a person at my table denigrating Scientology.  To put some truth about Scientology out there, I mentioned that the first lesson in Scientology is don’t believe anything unless it’s true for you. My lunchmate scoffed and said that wasn’t science.

Well, it is now!

Accepting something as knowledge is an entirely voluntary choice that every one of us makes at our discretion. No one can force us to believe or accept what is represented.


Here is the first lesson:

What is true for you is what you have observed yourself. And when you lose that, you have lost everything.

What is personal integrity? Personal integrity is knowing what you know. What you know is what you know and to have the courage to know and say what you have observed. And that is integrity and there is no other integrity.


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