5 Ways Scientology Helped Me Be More Competent

  1. Increased self-confidence. Comes from completing course assignments like go up and talk to 10 total strangers in the street.
  2. Liking myself better. Comes from knowing the difference between my true self and the stress and upset in my mind. They are not the same. Even if I might feel bad at times, I myself am not bad.
  3. Increased intelligence. Doing the detox program, I started noticing when I would make a mistake in life. There was a 2 point IQ gain corresponding to that.
  4. Comfort in knowing for myself that I am not a body creature but a spirit creature in a body. Having certainty in that knowledge. This came up about during study of the chapter on Truth in “Science of Survival” and was an intensely spiritual experience. There were other subsequent adventures that strengthened and vitalized that knowledge. Being a spirit is fun!!
  5. Increased awareness. (Seeing more of what’s around me.) Brought about by practicing (drilling) observation. This one is possible the most valuable. If you can’t see, it’s very hard to know or do. I just feel more awake and aware in life when I see the details of what’s there in front of me. It’s a far reaching win. I have tens of hours (probably over a hundred, actually) of practice of going out on the streets and just LOOKING at people. A fun drill.