My wife’s wins from studying the basics of Scientology.

I have noticed lately that my compassion for others/mankind has really grown.

I feel like I understand why we do the weird things we do and therefore don’t judge so harshly as I did before, With this understanding has come a new inner confidence which feels great!!!!!

I actually feel like I know something enough to be able to help another with what I know, and was actually surprised to find myself all of a sudden helping others in the street.

I make an effort to smile at people in shopping malls, on the street, etc., as I walk past them.

People whom I didn’t like/irritated me, I have grown a liking for due to the understanding I have of why they are the way they are.

I don’t get so irritated at my husband when he does something that is out reality to me.

I have this new ability to grant another the beingness to not like me – and not be upset about it………this in particular is really cool because it means I am not subject to random self doubt anymore.

So in short I am really happy with my progress!!!!!!!!! It’s quite amasing to see that just by studying data I can change in such refreshing ways.

Natasha Tsalolikhin

2 Nov 2009