ESP in the Park

On a recent Saturday morning, I was at Griffith Park, sitting at one of the picnic tables, momentarily alone. My daughter was with the Youth Group of the local Mission – they were roaming around nearby with the Mission staff. My wife was out for her morning walk, from home, and had decided to walk into the park, so I was expecting to see her.

Then she phoned me – and I could hear my daughter’s voice on her end, so I knew my wife had found the youth group before she found me.

So I was just chilling, going through my organizer, enjoying my rare moment to reflect.

Then I heard my wife’s voice calling out faint in the distance, “Daddy! Daddy!”.

I looked around but could not see her. However I was quite certain I heard her calling out to me, so I gathered up our things and started walking in the direction of her voice.

Then my phone rang. It was my wife, trying to locate me. At this point, I could see her, so I had her turn around until she spotted me.

She was surprised to see me. When I came up, I explained I heard her calling for me. She said she did no such thing! She was walking around LOOKING for me and then rang me on the phone when she could not find me!