My wife’s success story from “The Factors” Book and Lecture Course

Here is my wife’s success story from “The Factors” Book and Lecture Course.

I was just blown away reading the “Factors”. You know I use to hear LRH talking about the best way to know soemthing is to “be it” and then I’d think “okay well lets see, I want to know about dogs and door knobs…….am I suppose to BE a dog or a door knob?……what the?!?…im a human! how can i be a door knob” It sounded like some supernatural magic……or else the concept was so deep it was far beyond my mental grasp!”….

In this course i really gained a good grasp of the mechanics behind beingness and knowingness and how to attain these….and it wasn’t via some kind of supernatural magic techniques….hahaha.

It all came together and made so much sense,and all those hours of listening to lecture after lecture has really paid off and it has all started to come together now.

Also in the past I wasn’t really that keen on doing assists because of the fact that I didnt understand the mechanics behind how and why it works….like, LRH says they et you back in comm with the injured part of the body, i use to wonder “well why is communicating with it the most important?” I just didnt get it. Now i have learnt the importance of communication and perception and what that means in terms of beingness and basically how all our aberations and problems arise thru our unwillingness or inability to communicate with someone, something or ourselves . And then it all made sense in terms of the purpose of assists….

I really enjoyed this course, i feel stronger and more confident because i am more equipped with such fundamental and empowering data.

Natasha Tsalolikhin

31st March 2010


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