Finished PTS/SP Course Today

I completed the PTS/SP course today.

I had really nice wins from my study of “Problems of Work” and “Fundamentals of Thought” books. I find I am more able to assume and hold a beingness – for example, being a sys admin while I am at work, or being the Daddy for my daughter, or being a Husband for my wife, or being a Friend to my friends. I don’t mix beingnesses, and I stay focused on what I am being while I am being it. As a result, my doingness and production in all these areas has shot up. I am more certain in myself and I am enjoying life more.

It’s a big deal that I finished the PTS/SP course. I’ve been on this course for a while and it’s good to put it behind me. I learned a lot about PTS (Potential Trouble Source) and SP (Suppresive Person) relationships, and the spiritual reasons for sicknesses and accidents, and for losing spiritual gains; and how to stay well and keep expanding without losing gains. To learn more, see Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life.


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