A win in taking the resistance off alcohol.

A had an unexpected win last week related to taking the resistance off something. There is a datum in Scientology that if you resist something and fight against it, you’ll end up with that item.

“The whole philosophy of the [physical] universe is what you don’t want, we’re going to give you and what we give you, you don’t want.” L. Ron Hubbard, Admiration & the Renaissance of Beingness lectures.

For example, a kid who is afraid of the school bully, will end up with the bully in the kid’s face. Or if one is afraid of catching a cold, afraid of catching a cold, afraid of catching a cold… Achoo!!

Application: I had an aversion to alcohol. Growing up in Russia, I had seen men lying on the street, their faces, dignity and lives ruined by addiction to alcohol. I had seen close relatives lose intelligence and self-control in enjoyment of vodka. At about six or seven, I said, “I don’t want to get addicted. I am not going to drink.”

Fast forward to present time. I was still abstaining from alcohol. I had a conflict with my wife, who enjoys a glass of wine at home or some shots of tequila with friends. By the time we reached three bottles at our home (and you have to understand I’ve had zero bottles in my home for years) I started wriggling from discomfort.

I told her, I don’t want alcohol in my house because I am afraid I will drink and get addicted. I could actually feel the pull of the bottle when life was tough. “Drink me, you’ll feel better”. “Just take the edge off.” She on the other hand, came from a house where you had wine at dinner. She felt I was pushing my ideas on her in trying to keep the house alcohol-free.

A couple of nights ago I decided to apply this datum about resistance, and just stopped resisting alcohol. I had a shot and a half of tequila. It didn’t kill me and I didn’t get addicted and the pull is gone. I know I am free to choose. I know I am not an alcoholic. I no longer push against it and feel it pressing back against me.


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