Ingrid Gudenas’s workshop “Transforming Your Presentation Skills” is AMAZING

I attended Ingrid Gudenas‘s “Transforming Your Presentation Skills” workshop yesterday at the Church of Scientology of Los Gatos. I flew up to San Jose from Burbank for it and IT WAS WORTH IT!  If you have a chance to hear Ingrid, do whatever it takes — she is extraordinary!!  The workshop is based on materials from L. Ron Hubbard and Ingrid has them down to a “t”.

The workshop was a real eye-opener.  It’s like I’ve been walking all my life and Ingrid told me I could fly if I tried — and I did and I could!!

I feel more alive.  I feel eager to talk to people and experience them and to allow them to experience ME. I can’t wait for the rest of my day (writing this at 6 AM), to engage with others and practice LIVE communication.

I am tremendously excited about my next public speaking engagement — I can’t wait to practice what I’ve learned!!