Handling spiritual effects of drugs raises ability.

I’m pleased to report that after taking 3 weeks off work (which gave me a 23 day window including weekends) and doing religious services intensively I completed  Objective Processing and the Drug Rundown.  I feel very different.  I have more energy and it is easier to concentrate harder and longer.  My mind wanders a lot less and I am getting more done.  This is exactly the sort of wins I was hoping to get out of Scientology.

Most importantly, I now have far greater personal certainty that Scientology auditing works and should be continued.   Highly recommended!


A win in taking the resistance off alcohol.

A had an unexpected win last week related to taking the resistance off something. There is a datum in Scientology that if you resist something and fight against it, you’ll end up with that item.

“The whole philosophy of the [physical] universe is what you don’t want, we’re going to give you and what we give you, you don’t want.” L. Ron Hubbard, Admiration & the Renaissance of Beingness lectures.

For example, a kid who is afraid of the school bully, will end up with the bully in the kid’s face. Or if one is afraid of catching a cold, afraid of catching a cold, afraid of catching a cold… Achoo!!

Application: I had an aversion to alcohol. Growing up in Russia, I had seen men lying on the street, their faces, dignity and lives ruined by addiction to alcohol. I had seen close relatives lose intelligence and self-control in enjoyment of vodka. At about six or seven, I said, “I don’t want to get addicted. I am not going to drink.”

Fast forward to present time. I was still abstaining from alcohol. I had a conflict with my wife, who enjoys a glass of wine at home or some shots of tequila with friends. By the time we reached three bottles at our home (and you have to understand I’ve had zero bottles in my home for years) I started wriggling from discomfort.

I told her, I don’t want alcohol in my house because I am afraid I will drink and get addicted. I could actually feel the pull of the bottle when life was tough. “Drink me, you’ll feel better”. “Just take the edge off.” She on the other hand, came from a house where you had wine at dinner. She felt I was pushing my ideas on her in trying to keep the house alcohol-free.

A couple of nights ago I decided to apply this datum about resistance, and just stopped resisting alcohol. I had a shot and a half of tequila. It didn’t kill me and I didn’t get addicted and the pull is gone. I know I am free to choose. I know I am not an alcoholic. I no longer push against it and feel it pressing back against me.

Finished PTS/SP Course Today

I completed the PTS/SP course today.

I had really nice wins from my study of “Problems of Work” and “Fundamentals of Thought” books. I find I am more able to assume and hold a beingness – for example, being a sys admin while I am at work, or being the Daddy for my daughter, or being a Husband for my wife, or being a Friend to my friends. I don’t mix beingnesses, and I stay focused on what I am being while I am being it. As a result, my doingness and production in all these areas has shot up. I am more certain in myself and I am enjoying life more.

It’s a big deal that I finished the PTS/SP course. I’ve been on this course for a while and it’s good to put it behind me. I learned a lot about PTS (Potential Trouble Source) and SP (Suppresive Person) relationships, and the spiritual reasons for sicknesses and accidents, and for losing spiritual gains; and how to stay well and keep expanding without losing gains. To learn more, see Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life.

Helping my daughter go to sleep with a Nerve Assist

I had the pleasure of helping my two and a half year old daughter go to sleep tonight with a Nerve Assist.

She was restless and couldn’t find the right position for her body and most of all, she was hiccuping. She was not getting to sleep.

I asked, “Would you like a Nerve Assist?”

She said, “Yeah.”

After a couple of minutes I noticed the hiccups were gone and she was looking very relaxed. She went to sleep very quickly after we ended the assist.

My wife’s success story from “The Factors” Book and Lecture Course

Here is my wife’s success story from “The Factors” Book and Lecture Course.

I was just blown away reading the “Factors”. You know I use to hear LRH talking about the best way to know soemthing is to “be it” and then I’d think “okay well lets see, I want to know about dogs and door knobs…….am I suppose to BE a dog or a door knob?……what the?!?…im a human! how can i be a door knob” It sounded like some supernatural magic……or else the concept was so deep it was far beyond my mental grasp!”….

In this course i really gained a good grasp of the mechanics behind beingness and knowingness and how to attain these….and it wasn’t via some kind of supernatural magic techniques….hahaha.

It all came together and made so much sense,and all those hours of listening to lecture after lecture has really paid off and it has all started to come together now.

Also in the past I wasn’t really that keen on doing assists because of the fact that I didnt understand the mechanics behind how and why it works….like, LRH says they et you back in comm with the injured part of the body, i use to wonder “well why is communicating with it the most important?” I just didnt get it. Now i have learnt the importance of communication and perception and what that means in terms of beingness and basically how all our aberations and problems arise thru our unwillingness or inability to communicate with someone, something or ourselves . And then it all made sense in terms of the purpose of assists….

I really enjoyed this course, i feel stronger and more confident because i am more equipped with such fundamental and empowering data.

Natasha Tsalolikhin

31st March 2010

Spiritual experiences in Scientology

What is a spiritual experience?

A spiritual experience is going out of your body, or remembering a past life, or perceiving something as a being and not through normal physical universe channels.

There is a big difference in knowing about spiritual experiences and actually having one. The degree of certainty in one’s own spiritual nature shoots through the roof when you have a spiritual experience.

A spiritual experience is intensely personal. You can’t tell someone, “You are a spiritual being”, when they think they are a body, and have it be real to them. But if that person gets some auditing or does some training in Scientology, and they have their own spiritual experience, then they really know they are a spirit.

ESP in the Park

On a recent Saturday morning, I was at Griffith Park, sitting at one of the picnic tables, momentarily alone. My daughter was with the Youth Group of the local Mission – they were roaming around nearby with the Mission staff. My wife was out for her morning walk, from home, and had decided to walk into the park, so I was expecting to see her.

Then she phoned me – and I could hear my daughter’s voice on her end, so I knew my wife had found the youth group before she found me.

So I was just chilling, going through my organizer, enjoying my rare moment to reflect.

Then I heard my wife’s voice calling out faint in the distance, “Daddy! Daddy!”.

I looked around but could not see her. However I was quite certain I heard her calling out to me, so I gathered up our things and started walking in the direction of her voice.

Then my phone rang. It was my wife, trying to locate me. At this point, I could see her, so I had her turn around until she spotted me.

She was surprised to see me. When I came up, I explained I heard her calling for me. She said she did no such thing! She was walking around LOOKING for me and then rang me on the phone when she could not find me!